Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nearly three decades of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and more than 45 million infections later

"I used to think that given the appropriate set of circumstances, mankind, when faced with the enormity of lost of life, will alter the course of human history and for the better, life for all human beings.

Nearly three decades of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and more than 45 million infections later, North and South have galvanized to sustain their respective positions. Despite so called "globalization' the gap is forever widening in a worldwide economic recession- formulated by the greed of all - profit makers and consumers.

My dreams.
Dream shattered: Bridging the gap between North and South
Dream shattered: Narrowing the gap to access care
Dream shattered: Raise the bar on the value of One life

And my optimism born amid the wave of death in silence during the 80's have sourly turned south in utter dismay and crushed the anchor of my greatest hopes." Marie Marthe

Marie has shared the devastation of what is now our current reality in America and throughout the world. So many have simply blinded themselves by the truth simply because there is now medicine that allows people to live longer lives with this disease. We are ever marching forward in this cause to make a difference and to speak out about the hard fact that this fight is not over. We need everyone's help to reach out to the youth, our friends, the web, TV and Film, country leaders, public icons and those we do not know to make smarter choices. If you feel you can help - please contact us directly and help us say something.

This is the beginning of many posts. Please return on Tuesday's and Thursdays of every week for commentary by Marie, Rance and many VIP's of this public and private world to observe how we move forward in our effort to make a difference and be that VOICE OF CHANGE.

Marie and Rance

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