Thursday, February 25, 2010

Welcome To The Front Lines


Just like the disease itself, where a T cell first learns to recognize an enemy before meeting one, some of us are guilty of doing the same to our brothers and sisters. Why does a T cell let in the Aids virus without fighting it? Why are we letting our brothers and sisters die without helping them fight? We should be on the front line of the battle. But this isn’t my battle you say…

The disease of our time isn’t Aids, it is judgment, which leads to intolerance, which leads to hate. Hatred is the spiritual malignancy of our species and like the most vicious disease, does its most awful work not outwardly but within us. It is killing our children. They will inherit what we bequeath to them. Is this not your battle?

The word AID itself means to help. To help is to love. To love unconditionally is to love without any condition. When we love another we want to understand their fight and fears. We want the knowledge to help illuminate their path. We want the armor to protect them. Only love can undo what has been done. Do it for ourselves, but more importantly for our children. There is no greater gift that we can give them than to do what God has asked us to do: love one another.

If you love someone, then this IS your battle. Welcome to the front lines. This is where miracles will happen.


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